I hate farewells

Good people come to our lives for a reason, at least, I believe so. One such person came to my life while I was studying in the university. He was my junior studying in the same department, so he used to inquire me about some classes from time to time. We have got to become friends. We used to share our observations about all sorts of topics ranging from mathematics ending with culture. As times passed, I started to notice a difference in our experiences with the world. From my childhood, I used to prove myself to people. I needed to prove that I am smart, intelligent, competent and so on. But my friend, he did not care what others would think of him. He did not care about grades, opinions and respect of others. He lived on his principles of kindness, benevolence and respect. He lived to enrich lives of other people. Oftentimes, he shared stories of selfless people who sacrificed their own comfort for the comfort of those around them. I could see sparks in his eyes when he was telling these stories, sparks I have never had in my eyes.

Fast forward few years and my friend was heading to continue his education in elite overseas institution. We met for a farewell lunch. When we met for a lunch, my friend gave me a present, something that could remind me of our friendship. We sat in the restaurant eating a tasty chicken. I was trying my best to keep up the mood, so I told him few jokes. I tried to appreciate each moment of this lunch. I tried to savour each word, expression and moment at that time. However a prospect of not seeing him again anymore ruined everything: the warmth of that day, the humour of shared jokes and the taste of the lunch we ate. Though I was happy from outside, I was crying inside, because I felt as if a piece of my life was being torn away from me. Cruel minutes and hours have gone, so our lunch has come to its end. We took metro for our way back home, where he shared with me about his aspirations of making the world a better place. I felt happy for the community my friend was going to, yet that happiness did not lighten a bitterness of forthcoming separation. It was my station, so I alighted. Doors of the metro were closing. I waved to my friend and he was gone.

Time which cruelly went so fast during the farewall with my friend, healed my soul after he went away. I still miss him sometimes. I still remember the moments we spent together. But I cannot bring back these moments. Only thing I can do is to try to live the principles I learned from him. Whenever, a thought of nostalgia comes back, I think of people who are around my friend right now. They should be happy. I guess now it is their turn to receive a good person in their lives.

Sometimes, I think about what makes my life worthy of living. After all I have not won any major awards, I was not a sports star, I have not founded a billion dollar company. Perhaps, I will never do. But then I remember all the good people I have met in my life. I think that meeting these people makes my life great. I am thankful for these people for appearing in my life and enriching it so much. Unfortunately, I have lost contacts with most of them. Life directed us in various ways. And I still remember you, my friend.



Exploring spaces of different kinds. Personal website: https://sites.google.com/view/birzhanm

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