Communicator’s Journey

Birzhan Moldagaliyev
2 min readMay 8, 2021
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Communication was one of the key components in the development of humankind. A single human being could not do much. Generally, a single person could not produce offspring, create complex structures or defend oneself against dangers. Only by coming together and bringing the best skills from everyone humankind could develop and build communities, engineering marvels, and various institutions. From this alone, we could appreciate the importance of teamwork and communication as a means of that teamwork.

Having understood the importance of communication, a natural question is how to develop these skills. If a child is surrounded by good communicators at home, the child is likely to pick up communication patterns from those people. However, for children growing up without such excellent communicators around, that child might need to look outside. In the schools and universities, they do not teach how to communicate with people. Even if they do, such courses are quite superficial and rarely useful. This means that a person might need to do their own search in the pursuit of good communication patterns.

A sad part of reality is that people who somewhat lacking communication skills do not try to acquire them. The difference between their current communication skills and desired skills seems so vast, any attempt to improve their communication skills might seem hopeless. Such a person who did not grasp the principles of good communication might choose professions with very little communication involved such as technicians, programmers, or engineers. In fact, it is possible to reach certain heights without communicating much. As long as one completes the given work well, one should be fine. However, there comes a time when a person should transition from task taker to task giver. At that point, good communication skills become a necessity, rather than an option. Those who acquired decent communication skills will be able to identify problems, set goals and motivate their people.

Though the last paragraph might sound a bit gloomy for those who did not invest much in communication skills, there is good news coming. Like any skill, communication skills could be improved. In order to do so, one should understand the principles of good communication and practice these principles. After one understands the principles and practices these principles for long enough, one is going to see the effects of having excellent communication skills. These effects are going to be far-reaching. Decent communication skills not only boost one’s career but also enrich one’s relationships with family members and friends. Another good news is that once a person makes a commitment to improving their communication skills, this is going to serve the person throughout their life.