A Tale of a Little Giraffe

Birzhan Moldagaliyev
2 min readMay 8, 2021


There was a little giraffe Tim. Tim was quite small but very playful. His favorite pastime was roaming across a savannah with his mother. In these trips, he has seen many other animals including buffalos, zebras, and antelopes. They liked to eat grass just as Tim did. However, there also were dangerous predators such as lions and hyenas. Tim’s mother was not afraid of predators due to her strength and size. However, Tim needed to be cautious as he was too small to defend himself alone. However, Tim was not afraid of these predators. He knew that one day he would grow up and be so big that not a single predator would dare to attack him.

Once Tim snatched away from his parents and went running around the grass. There he saw a small rhino, Eric. It was clear that Eric is very young, as he was very small compared to adult rhinos Tim has seen. Tim and Eric became good friends. They would explore the prairie and race with each other. They have agreed to meet with their parents every day at a certain time to play together.

As Tim and Eric have been playing together one day, they went far and found some cave. As they entered the cave, they noticed that the cave echoes their sounds. In order to play with echoes, they went deep inside the cave. As they went further, they started to hear some sounds. Tim remembered that he heard similar sounds passing near a flock of hyenas. And lo, there was a herd of hyenas sleeping in the cave. Tim and Eric were too shocked to say something and immediately ran back. As they were running back, one of the hyenas woke up and rushed towards them.

Tim and Eric were running together when they saw glimpses of a single hyena chasing them. They were too small to run as fast and the hyena was approaching them very soon. Seeing the hopelessness of the situation, Tim stopped and decided to stop the hyena to let Eric escape. Seeing Tim’s actions, Eric stopped too and ran after Tim. No words could describe the bravery shown by Tim and Eric that day. With a final blow with his tusk, Eric stopped the attacks of the hyena.

Tim and Eric were wounded, but free. They returned to Tim’s parents’ flock, where giraffes rushed to help Tim and his friend. When they heard the friends’ story, they were absolutely appalled. They were happy that Tim and Eric were able to flee the hyena. From that day on Tim and Eric became best friends and heroes of the savannah.